I am Anjelica and this is a blog about my magnificent marvelous miraculous life, which is not always magnificent marvelous and miraculous but it sounds pretty good.

So I’ve started a paper on whaling and I’m at Erica’s. Earlier we were joking about how I should write the noise whales make. So I decided to send her my profound paper. I’ll probably win awards.image

I also wrote this in 2 seconds and spelled tongue wrong lol

I’ve lost track of how long tears have slowly been running down my face.



These are some techniques I use when I’m having a panic attack.

I’m no expert, but they seem to help me out, so maybe they’ll help you out too.

Just seeing this makes me want to cry.

When did my life start feeling like it was more than I can handle?

(via sitdeepandhalfhalt)

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